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Residential TravelWise

Supporting sustainable travel at new housing developments

Residential TravelWise can help occupants of new housing developments to find healthy and low carbon transport options for travelling to workplaces, education, shops and local services. Use the Development Search option to see if your residence is supported by the Residential TravelWise tool.

The site has many benefits such as:
  • A webpage which will help people to find your development more easily. Potential and existing residents will be able to see the whole choice of transport open to them such as: the nearest bus/train/metro stops and live timetables. Or how long it might take to walk, how many calories burned or how much C02 has been saved
  • Information on discounted travel passes and other travel related offers
  • Information on cycling routes and how to sign up to car share initiatives
  • An online survey to baseline residents’ travel methods - in order to evidence a shift to using sustainable methods
  • Residential TravelWise can also list partnerships with local taxi firms and other transport providers

Join Residential TravelWise now for free online travel help and support. You'll also enjoy a free events diary and news page to promote your activities to potential and existing residents.

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